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UPDATED on 5/28–see the last of my fellow travellers (Eric, Omar, Keith, Theresa, Serge, and, of course, Julie and Kebo) in the Folks album.

Folks Self-portraits, portraits, group portraits, and candids documenting the friends and relations who have joined me on the road trip to date.

Flora + Fauna Various sorts of wildlife, wild and cultivated plants, and miscellaneous growth in the landscape as seen from the highways, national parks, gardens, and museums of the U.S.A.  Regular visitors to American Road Trip will not be surprised to find that I interpret flora and fauna as broadly as possible.  Too many redwoods and this album risks becoming more boring than the vacation slide shows many of us had to endure as children.

Food What I’ve been eating as I eat my way across the U.S.A.  Happily, regionalism asserts itself at every stop.   Sadly, I neglected to take a picture at every restaurant.  Missing meals include the Carne Sec plate at El Charro in Tucson, Arizona; Idaho Red River trout and Idaho potatoes at Leku Ona, a Basque restaurant in Boise, Idaho; Dungeness crab cakes at Dan and Louis Oyster Bar in Portland, Oregon.

Motoring The cult of the new Mini Cooper is well documented and since this is the first new car I’ve ever owned I’m enjoying the goofiness and enthusiasm of my fellow Mini motorists.  I was unable to take a picture of the Mini caravan I encountered on Highway 93 in Nevada.  There were about 20 Minis from California heading to parts unknown and waving madly as they passed.

Obama and Jesus Images and symbols of popular world leaders, seen on the highways and byways of America.

License Plates A collection of license plates from cars representing the states I’ve passed through to date, plus a few extras that should probably be in a separate album of good bumper stickers.  Astute viewers will note that New Jersey is missing.

Public Toilets On a road trip one has the opportunity to experience the best and worst of public facilities.  This album also contains a few private toilets and hotel room toilets that are of sufficient interest to merit inclusion.

2008 Postcard Project Every week during 2008 (plus one year-end bonus) I took a photograph, captioned it, printed it as a 4 x 6 postcard, and sent hard copies to four lucky people via the United States Postal Service.  Out of 212 postcards sent only two went missing.  Some friends put them on the wall.  Some friends sent stamps to underwrite the cost of the project.  Taken together the postcards are a visual diary of my life in 2008.