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Auto-Pilot without Cruise Control 7 April 2009 4 Comments

Driving in Los Angeles is like walking in New York.  It is utterly unavoidable and constantly shifting between extremes of exhilaration and annoyance.  Automotive congestion, like pedestrian congestion, has its own internal rhythms, ebbs and flows, and these can change subtly and suddenly, requiring a Zen-like mastery of each new traffic situation whether on the […]

Garden State Ramble, part II 12 March 2009 2 Comments

When driving long distances, whether on the interstate or a country highway, any number of things will make the experience more pleasant: a well-placed cup holder, a working gas gauge, a decent radio station, clear directions, good weather, etc.  But of all the things that shape the driving experience, as drivers, we rarely give much […]

Preamble Ramble around the Garden State 28 February 2009 2 Comments

. . . . . . . . . On a sunny, cold Saturday at the end of January we got in the car and headed from the Upper West Side to New Jersey.  It’s a short trip, about 5 miles, but it always seems momentous.  Maybe it’s the drama of the Hudson as it […]