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Shop, Dine, Mies 10 May 2012 No Comments

A few weeks ago I had dinner in a strip mall.  This is something I do occasionally.  Regular readers may recall Two Days in Nevada, in which I recounted having dinner at a Thai restaurant in a strip mall in Las Vegas.  This time I had dinner at a Thai restaurant in a strip mall […]

Mall Walking Part II: Live Work Play 15 May 2009 No Comments

I stopped for lunch in Edwards, Colorado the other day.  I was looking for a decent hamburger; I found the future of America. ____________________ Edwards, on the outskirts of the ski resort of Vail, is not quite a town.  In fact, at first glance, it appears to be little more than a handful of strip […]

Mall Walking, part I 22 April 2009 No Comments

___________ Driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles not long ago I headed inland and stopped off in Fresno.  The state’s fifth largest city had not been on my list of must-see places, but Paul Groth at Berkeley had assured me it was worth the detour in order to walk the Fulton Mall. Fulton Street […]