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Up In the Air 26 January 2014 No Comments

2014 marks a decade since since Google acquired Keyhole Corporation, a Silicon Valley start-up whose mapping technology transformed the way we see the world. Keyhole created the seamless combination of high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery that provides the geo-located guts of Google Earth and Google Maps, the satellite view that has become a ubiquitous part of […]

Sheepish 1 November 2013 No Comments

In 1934 Robert Moses kicked the sheep out of Central Park to make room for Tavern on the Green. Though the New York Times applauded their contribution to park maintenance–the flock kept the meadow trimmed and fertilized for more than half a century–Moses claimed the 49 purebred Dorsets were deformed from inbreeding, so he sent them […]

Remembering Ma Bell (& Aunt Lois, too) 28 June 2013 No Comments

Thirty years ago this summer, consumers across the United States were starting to contemplate what the impending break up of AT&T (effective on January 1 of 1984) was going to mean for telephone service and billing. Having just graduated from high school I was, as yet, unconcerned with choosing a service provider or paying for […]

Penn Station, for the record 17 April 2013 No Comments

Last week, the New York City Planning Commission held a public hearing to decide the future Pennsylvania Station.  At issue, as Michael Kimmelman has explained thoroughly in the New York Times, is whether to allow Madison Square Garden to continue to operate an arena on the site it has occupied since 1968—squarely on top of […]

Petula Clark Urbanism 18 February 2013 No Comments

A few nights ago a friend was thumbing through some vintage vinyl at another friend’s house.  It’s an eclectic collection of records, the kind you’d expect to find when households merge and roommates depart and children grow up.  We’d already heard tracks from Grace Jones, Michael Jackson, and Aretha Franklin, and before the night was […]