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Up In the Air 26 January 2014 No Comments

2014 marks a decade since since Google acquired Keyhole Corporation, a Silicon Valley start-up whose mapping technology transformed the way we see the world. Keyhole created the seamless combination of high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery that provides the geo-located guts of Google Earth and Google Maps, the satellite view that has become a ubiquitous part of […]

A Note on Technology 24 March 2009 No Comments

I’ve been thinking a great deal about Horatio Jackson Nelson, who drove a two-cylinder 20 horsepower Winton touring sedan from San Francisco to New York from in the summer of 1903.  His two-month odyssey (May 23rd to July 26th) is generally regarded as the first cross-country road trip.  Horatio’s Drive was an impressive feat, but […]