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Biking to Brick City, Part I: Prologue 23 October 2011 No Comments

A few nights ago, I was on my bike at the corner of Houston and Sullivan waiting for the light to change.  A mangy guy on the sidewalk was gesticulating in my direction, clearly trying to get my attention.  While my normal inclination is to ignore such requests, I was feeling magnanimous: it was a […]

I could live here 25 February 2011 No Comments

An article in the  New York Times about Derek Diedricken’s Gypsy Junker microshelter reminded me how much I like a hut myself. I didn’t really need reminding–I live with a large Scott Peterman photograph of an ice fishing hut in Maine (Sabbath Day Lake III, 1998)–but the article did get me thinking about how long […]

Garden State Ramble, part II 12 March 2009 2 Comments

When driving long distances, whether on the interstate or a country highway, any number of things will make the experience more pleasant: a well-placed cup holder, a working gas gauge, a decent radio station, clear directions, good weather, etc.  But of all the things that shape the driving experience, as drivers, we rarely give much […]

Preamble Ramble around the Garden State 28 February 2009 2 Comments

. . . . . . . . . On a sunny, cold Saturday at the end of January we got in the car and headed from the Upper West Side to New Jersey.  It’s a short trip, about 5 miles, but it always seems momentous.  Maybe it’s the drama of the Hudson as it […]