Margolies Mainstream and Marginal 8 March 2011

Ducks, decorated sheds, ugly, ordinary, heroic, monumental, interstates, Main Street, Route 66, the Strip, White Towers, the End of the Road, Learning from Las Vegas, the Architectural League, Wayne McAllister, the Sands, the Fontainebleau, the Rat Pack, Ant Farm, Archigram, Telethon, Warhol, the Factory, Pop, postmodernism, Mies, Rudolph, Venturi, Scott Brown, Nam June Paik, Ed Ruscha, Design Quarterly, Progressive Architecture, the Madonna Inn, the NEA, Tom Wolfe, Reyner Banham, Lucy the Elephant, hippies, puppies, the Orgasmitron, the Real Housewives of Orange County, Marshall McLuhan, Morris Lapidus, Muzak, mobility, zoomscape, LSD, television, Haus-Rucker, Superstudio, New Topographics, New Journalism, high, low, hamburger stands, gas stations, drive-ins, donuts.

They all come together in the talk I’m giving at the Library of Congress on Wednesday, March 9th to celebrate the Library’s acquisition of the John Margolies Collection of photographs and ephemera of the American roadside.

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